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Long days

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Hello Everyone,

The biggest part of the planting season is coming to a close so we're putting out the big 'Plant Clearance' sign.

Clearance Sale, That means everything must go, for for one week, starting Saturday June 25th - Saturday July 2nd, every plant from our 4" pots to our 10" hanging baskets, Proven Winners of all sizes and types-EVERYTHING is half price. We hope that by July 2nd most of our plants will be gone. See I told you Jay and the crew want to eliminate the hand watering.

Jay is picking lots of tomatoes out of our greenhouse. It looks like he will start picking sugar snap peas maybe as soon as Sunday. I will just have to twist his arm a little to get him to pick the peas before they are perfectly round in the pod. He has this thing about the peas have to be just so before he will pick them. That may have worked in past year but this year the vines are over my head and they're loaded. He'll be increasing the irrigation as long as this dry spell lasts. I had my first try using the new mini rotor-tiller and it's very different from the large walk behind tiller. If you don't let it run, it will dig itself into a hole. I may get to like this one. As Jay plants out new rows in the garden the weeding chores multiply by 100 or 200 feet/row.

I don't know when the corn will be ready. I would guess between two to three weeks depending on the rainfall. Last year I was shocked when it was ready on July 4th. We will probably be closed on the 4th of July this year. Let's hope God sends us some nice rain soon. It made a big difference in the garden a couple of weeks ago.

Our friend Dan has brought over some Cape Cod wood cuts and you will see them on the front slide door. We're glad to see he's back in the neighborhood.

The kittens are on the move and sometimes they get their front end to go in the same direction as the back end. Sharp turns usually end up in a sit down or roll-over repositioning. They open their mouths to meow but very little sound comes out unless they think they're lost, then they turn up the volume. They are a little too young to bring out to the stand as a group just yet but every now and then, if we have help at the stand, one of us may scoop up a kitten and bring one out. We want them used to lots of people.

Ziggy is a good mom but after she has breakfast with the rest of our cats, she enjoys five cans of cat food throughout the day.

Take care of yourself in these high sunlight days. Drink plenty of water, wear a hat and be sure to soak up some early and late in the day sunshine. At those times of day you get the benefit of near infrared light without the more damaging UV light.

That's all for now. We'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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